Our Company

Our “little” company was incorporated under the laws of the State of California on October 15, 1991 by its principal founder Troy Paski. Having gained experience in satellite operations, and software debugging/development, the company was originally conceived with the intent of providing engineering services to the defense industry. However, as an avid home brewer since receiving a brewing “kit” for Christmas in 1991, and having a passion for truly great beer, Troy soon realized a much more lucrative growth opportunity emerging in the craft-brewing industry, and helped pursued the company to pursue that avenue for growth instead.

On a cold wintry evening while sampling a very nice blueberry ale from Marin Brewing Company in November 1993, it was officially decided to focus the company’s energy on commercially marketing our company’s new flagship product, which up until then had been T.ROY’s (nickname for Troy) home-brew specialty. It took us six months of intensive labor finding the right investors, suppliers, and everything else, before we were able to get our flagship product on the market.

In an attempt to carve out a niche in the growing microbrewery market, we decided to distinguish ourselves from the competition by providing the consumer with an easily identifiable package that was unlike anything previously seen in the industry (e.g., product separation…), along with a traditional style of beer (India Pale Ale – IPA) that had not been readily available to consumers for quite some time. We believe this style of beer tends to attract those consumers who are currently drinking hand-crafted pale ales, and who are looking for a more fuller-bodied “more mouth feel” type of beer to drink. This train of thought has proven to be an asset to our company, and has been clearly evident from the enthusiasm generated by consumers over our company’s flagship product!!!