Our Future Plans

We just celebrated our 20th Anniversary in the craft beer business last June. Therefore, in the coming year, look to see us:

1) Finish Tiling the Kitchen Floor.
2) Replace the carpet in the Dining Room.
3) Replace the taps behind the bar.
4) Acquire more kegs.

In addition, look for us to:
* continue working very hard on making the brewpub operate as efficiently as possible – the list is getting shorter…

* continue working on putting the structure in place so that maybe a second location could be open before the end of the year – or when opportunity knocks…

* continue systematizing all of the departments and providing better training and guidance for new employees and managers.

* continue working to create the most efficient recycle program possible.

* continue to improve our customer service, which by the way, providing the very best customer service possible is the biggest objective for us as we greet you each day.