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craft beer blonde ale

Liquid Sunshine™ Blonde Ale

Features a goodly dose of Crystal Hops that lend their grapefruit-like flavor and aroma.  Brewed with Barley, Wheat, and Rye for a dry multigrain complexity.  A very refreshing Brewer’s favorite.

craft beer amber ale hoppy

Hoppy Face™ Amber Ale

Our flagship brew is a big amber ale, much like the first IPA’s from the dawn of the industrial revolution.  A blend of Caramel Malts give this beer a rich yet highly drinkable body, and heavy-han

sfra_22ozrightone [Converted]

Stony Face™ Red Ale

Hoppy’s gift to those who like their beers Malty.  Dark Chocolate and Caramel Malts lend their deep crimson silkiness, and judicious additions of Nugget & Cascade hops give just enough bittern

craft beer robust porter hoppy ale

Total Eclipse™ Black Ale

Is robust as a moon that dares cross the sun, this porter-like brew features Chocolate and Black Malts for a dark-roasted coffee-like flavor.  Hopped with a-shade-more-than-typical additions of Nugg